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In 1790 a new nation was on the rise. With the help of the French, the people of the

thirteen colonies of America had united together to defeat the greatest empire of the world.

This was the shining moment of America. Freedom was theirs, and this is what they have

been wanting since the pilgrims arrived almost two centuries before. They were now going

to take on an even greater task then fighting the British: establishing a system of government

that would be fair and that would be accepted throughout all of America. One thing the

founding fathers knew they had to do was establish a document that would unite the states

under one system of laws, so they would be a single country. The Articles of Confederation

were too weak and could not meet the demands the country as whole needed, so they

drafted a new constitution. This new constitution was a brilliant document that expressed

how there is no true sovereign power because the power ultimately lies in the people. This

document, created in the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, was to become the

foundation for our country and is still the chief document that the America of today follows.

Nevertheless, there were still some people opposed to this document. The Anti-federalists,

as they were called, believed that if the constitution was enacted then the central government

would become too powerful. They believed America would then become a tyrannical

government, which is what America fought so hard to get away from. The anti-federalists

said a bill of rights was needed to stop the national government from being tyrannical. It was

clear that this country would need a bill of rights, so one of the main jobs of the first
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Congress was to create one. In 1789 twelve amendments were approved by congress and

by the end of 1791 they had been ratified by the states and had become the Bill of Rights.

They were the first ten amendments to the constitution, and they prevented a national

government from ever becoming too powerful. These documents were the first of its kind.

No other government had ever tried what they were going to try. This constitution was

holding the nation together. The 13 states were all different in their own respects, and each

one was like its own country. They would now have to stick together too see if these new

ideas would work (Parker 3).
After the American Revolution, the government was deep in debt. The Secretary of the
Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, proposed a bill that would stop the national debt from
growing or even reduce it. This bill, which was approved by both houses in the winter
session of Congress in 1791, put an excise tax on all spiritus fermenti, or whiskey (Pike
1). The tax was an ad valorem tax that added twenty five percent to the value of whiskey.
Needless to say, this was not well accepted and the peoples' opposition to it would become
one of the first tests of power the new government would have to face.

The thing about this tax is that the amount that had to be paid varied with how much was
being produced. Large producers would only have to pay an annual tax of about six cents
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