Hitler /stalin Essay

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hitler /stalin

Hitler and Stalin will probably go down in history as two of the greatest known evil
leaders of the 20th Century. You might ask what could bring two men to become the menaces
they were. What kind of upbringing would cause someone to turnout the way they did?

December 21, 1879 in Georgia, Joseph Stalin is born. Around the time of Stalin's birth
Georgia was not the best place to be. They were at a miserable level of poverty, there was
no industry, and they had a 75% illiteracy rate and an increasing crime rate. Stalin was
born to peasants. Both of his parents were illiterate and were born as serfs. His father
was a rough, violent drunk who beat his wife and child, and found it hard to make a
living. He resented his father and his treatment toward him. Stalin was in the church and
secured himself admission to the seminary as a boarder with all expenses paid. Ten years
later on April 20, 1889, Adolph Hitler is given birth to at the River Inn. Hitler's
attitudes led to his becoming a rabid German nationalist. His ancestors too were peasants,
but not serfs. Unlike Stalin, Hitler's early years were not of hardship and poverty. He
was never poor or harshly treated. His father moved up in the ranks in the service and
retired with the highest rank open to a civil servant with his education. He had a secure
income and a very high social standing and when he passed away he left his widow and
children well provided for.

Hitler came to power in 1935. His basis of hatred was director towards the Jews. One
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