Horney And Jewel Essay

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Horney And Jewel

For my paper I decided to use Karen Horney's Social Psychological Viewpoint on the "Search
for Social Security" and compared it with the singer Jewel. I found that Jewel and
Horney's viewpoint went together well. Jewel is someone that has social security and I
will give examples of how she got it and how she deals with society. I got my information
from an article I read about Jewel talking about the new book she just wrote on herself.
The book is called Chasing down the dawn; Jewel describes it as, " the upward spiral in my

Horney emphasized the individuals search for a sense of security in the world as the
primary motivational force in personality. In attempting to establish a sense of security,
each person develops a particular personality style for coping with the world. Jewels
personality style for coping with the world is one of the rules she lives by: "To live a
true to yourself life, to be honest and courageous and know that good things will follow
out of that.

Horney assumed that the early relationship between parent and child was extremely
important in determining personality in adulthood. Jewel had very good relationships with
her parents, even when they divorced when she was only eight years old. She lived with her
father for a while, who was a folk singer, in Alaska. They would perform together. Then
she went and lived with her mother in California, where they moved into vans parked side
by side to save money so Jewel could make music a priority. I think it helped her singing
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