House Flys Essay

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House Flys

Buzzzzzz! Buzzzzz! There they go buzzing away. Those pest that bother you all day. You
know whom Iím talking about, thatís right flies. They buzz around you going into your ears
and nose. Landing on your food and everywhere else. Some flies are favorable to humans, as
parasites of bug pests or as scavengers and many others are important as plant
pollinators. Flies are also understood to be carriers of diseases like cholera, typhoid,
and dysentery.

In most breeds of flies their body has padded feet that are coated with hairs and the
tongue covered with sticky glue. Using a powerful microscope, bits of dust and dirt
holding on to the hairs show bacteria that cause a broad variety of diseases. Files get
these bacteria from hanging around garbage and sewage. Now, if those yucky flies touch
your food later, it my also become contaminated. Flies increase at a very quick rate. In
only five months a female fly could produce more than 190 quintillion descendents, if all
of her female offspring survived. The only way to keep the flies population down is to
prevent the female from breeding. Lengthy exposure to freezing cold weather kills flies.
In cold areas very few fertile females hibernating in protected places sustain the winter.
Warm weather arises them to seek damp spots such as garbage in which they lay their eggs.
The eggs are the size of a tiny grain of wheat, about 1/20 of an inch. The female can lie
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