How Employees Affect Consumer Behavior Essay

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How Employees Affect Consumer Behavior

How Employees Affect Consumer Behavior


I am going to discuss how employees affect consumer behavior and what I
believe are the best ways to improve their effectiveness. I will be drawing
upon my experiences as a consumer and working in a retail environment.


No one fulfills your corporate philosophy or promotes your products and
services more than your employees. They are like ambassadors representing the
United States when the president can not be there in person. You need them to
act on your behalf when dealing with customers. If the customers aren't treated
well once in your store or business, what good does it do to use marketing to
get them into your store or business. You also have the problem of each
customer who was treated poorly, telling other people about their bad experience
with your company. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is and it's even
worse when people are telling others how great your competitor treated them.
I've had a few experiences where I have felt that I haven't been treated
properly or fairly by store employees. Most of the time I've been able to find
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