How Free Do We Want To Be Essay

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How Free Do We Want To Be


Just think of the fun we could have if we did not have to follow any rules and
regulations. You could go into a shop,fill your basket with all types of fancy goods and
leave without paying for them. If you drive, then there would be no need to worry about
getting stopped for speeding or dangerous driving. If you are at school you could forget
all about learning and play games all day long.

It does sound like a good life but would such a system work in reality? If you spend any
time thinking about it then you must come to the conclusion that life would be more
difficult without rules rather than easier. For example, imagine there were no rules
regulating what side of the road you drive on, you decide for yourself when you wake up in
the morning. Would you take a chance driving down a motorway in such a society when
someone could be coming straight at you at 70 mph? How long would shops stay open if we
were not obliged to pay for our goods?

People have always complained about rules and regulations and probably always will but it
is almost unimaginable to live life without them.
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