How Richard Selzer Is A Philos Essay

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How Richard Selzer Is A Philos

How is Selzez a Philosopher, as well as, a Doctor?
Abortion is a tremendous issue in our society today. As well as the article "Abortion" by
Selzer, I have also read Mortal Lessons, a book he had also written. Selzer is an author
who wrote in order to describe "unsparingly the surgeon's art, opening up the body to view
one part at a time." The article "Abortion" classifies him as a doctor, but the way in
which he writes makes him a philosopher as well. Selzer not only writes about the physical
aspects of surgery, but also the emotional and psychological sides that agree with it.

In the essay "Abortion", Selzer took presence during an abortion procedure: "I am present
because I asked to be present. I wanted to see what I have never seen (p. 280)." What he
had never seen before was something that shocked and amazed him. He though he saw the
fetus "struggling against the needle (281)" trying to get away from it. He observed that
the needle inside the woman's stomach was moving and believed that to be the fetus
fighting against what it instinctively knew as death. These observations, in my eyes, make
him a philosopher. He not only thinks about the woman having the abortion but also the
fetus that is being aborted. He links the physical act with emotions and psychological
aspects, which make him think differently than other surgeons.

To have an abortion at all, I personally do not agree with. However, there are certain
extents in which I think are right to have an abortion, such as being rapped. It is true
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