How things happen and reoccur in history1 Essay

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how things happen and reoccur in history1

The colonies of the late 1600ís and the early 1700ís were formed because in England many
people were being persecuted because of their religious beliefs. So to get away from the
persecution, the people of England wanted to go to a place where everything seemed
perfect( because thatís what the advertising for America was saying). Where they wouldnít
be forced to do or not do(religious celebrations) they didnít want to. So they came to
America and settled in the colonies. The Native Americans who had already been there were
curious and scared of these new people coming in there land. So at first they didnít know
what to do. The Indians being the great people they were helped the colonist out in the
new land. They showed them easier and more efficient ways of getting things done. Plus
the colonist had indentured slaves so they hardly had to work, it was mostly the Indians.
this helped the inexperienced colonists out, making their adjustment to the new world
simpler. Basically the colonist had it made. They asked questions and the Indians
answered them.

So the better things got the more people came over. So the Indians being the huge help,
were inviting them over. So they were thanked by being exiled out. So the colonies began
to grow and more colonies started to form. Meaning more an more space was beginning to
disappear in the mass ship loads of people coming over. More and more people, less and
less land and the

original landowners( the Native Americans), were losing their property fast. So
eventually they were pushed out into the west until now, there are only a few tribes

Being the Situation, the social reason is they are losing out of, or lost, the Native
Americans cultures and customs, and that would be a major loss. America today was known
as a melting pot because we carry so many cultures and customs and mix them together ,
Would it be right to push one out which is what we almost did to the Indians. The native
American culture is very important or should be to America and itís future. The
Economical reason is colonist couldnít trade with them or sell to them. The political
reason is they( the colonist) wouldnít be able to see their views or insight to help make
America better.

A situation like this but not in exact form is the way African Americans were treated in
the early 1800ís. This time the colonist took people from their land( the Africans)
instead of taking the land from the people(the Natives). Colonist in America wanted the
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