How to attract attention Essay

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How to attract attention

For most people, a car�fs primary use is just to get them from point A to point B, but
mine is to get there in the fastest possible time as well as attempting to attract as much
attention as I can from everyone who turns their head towards me. There are many different
ways to achieve this goal; it�fs all about what my audience is into. One of the greatest
feelings for me is when I roll up to a crowded spot and everyone is looking at me and my
car. There are a couple of different techniques that I use to attract attention. First off
is my stereo system; I have invested over five thousand dollars into my stereo and people
can hear my truck�fs music from miles away. I also have extremely loud exhaust, which is
another unique sound that people can hear coming from a good distance away. Another
head-turner is when people can see the electric blue pearl paint job shimmer off all sides
of my car. This color that I chose is a rare color that stands out amongst the
�gregular�h cars that drive alongside me.

If the paint job, stereo system, or loud exhaust doesn�ft do the trick, I pull a little
stunt called a brake stand. I put the car in park, slightly press on the brake and give it
some gas. If done correctly a huge cloud of smoke will arise from my burning tires. In the
extremely rare event that people still are not looking, I have three giant air horns
mounted in my engine compartment that are audible from over a mile away. If you are
standing close enough, you can feel the hair rise on the back of your neck when I hit the
horns. I take a great deal of pride in the work that I do on my truck, and for that
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