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Monday, April 29, 2002

Things to Note...

In case you don't read through all of the posts I made over the weekend, here are some things to note:
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- You can also get a klip for Well, Slap Me Silly!.
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Season Finales...

Tivo remembers to catch all of my favorite shows for me, but just in case - here is a list
of when all of the season finales will air. [via Promoguy]

Speaking of season finales, did anyone watch the second Law & Order: Criminal Intent last
night? Did you it give you flashbacks of the whole Kaycee Nicole thing that happened last
year? Whoa. I kept thinking about that, over & over. It's amazing the hoaxes that people
pull off. I still feel bad about all of the kind-hearted people that were hurt by that. I
was stunned myself when the truth came out - I would have never questioned it otherwise.

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Sunday, April 28, 2002

Ants, Ants, Ants...

Tess ranted one day about ants. I posted in her comments a question - had she seen the
article where Researchers find 3,600-mile ant supercolony. In case she hasn't, there it
is. [via Amit]

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Too Quiet...

Know what's difficult about BlogOmania being on such a stable server now? No one has any
support requests! There is no stress and panic over the sites being down. Matter of fact,
things have been really calm. I like it. It's the way hosting should be. (I'm almost
afraid to post this, thinking I will jinx everything if I do!)

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It's All About Real Estate...

Religion is not normally a topic that I discuss here, but it's been on my mind today. More
on the priest issue I posted about earlier. Marriage of Faith is an article about priests
who have left their priesthood to become married. I came across it as I was looking for
information to back up what I learned a few years ago - priests don't get married because
the Church, which owned so much of the world in the middle ages, didn't want the property
left in a will to someone's family. From the article:

"39 Popes Were Married" and ''St. Peter Was a Married Priest.'' Here's what the
organization wants people to know: that prior to the year 1139, popes, bishops, and
priests were married. That Catholic priests in the Eastern rites, such as Ukrainians,
Romanians, and Armenians, are allowed to marry. That many priests who have served for
decades are cut off with no pension after they marry. That the Catholic Church changed the
celibacy law in the 12th century to prevent priests, upon their death, from leaving their
homes and land to their families. ''Celibacy,'' declares Haggett, ''is all about real

I learned about this when I was in Germany, visiting places like the Prince Bishop's
Palace in Wurzberg. Note the name ... Prince Bishop. The Bishop of the region was also the
Prince of the region. If you follow the link and look at the frescos painted on the
ceiling, they are paintings of the Bishop with his mistress. The one that bore him
something like 12 children. But they were never married ... so when he died, the Church
kept the property. Yes, I am glad to be Catholic these days, after Vatican II, but back
then I would have been handing Martin Luther the nails to use to hang his thesis on the
cathedral door.

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New Photos...

New photographs added to the Pixelog. If you're using the default skin here, you can see
the thumbnails at the top of this page too. More to come later this week.

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