How to play poker!

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How to play poker!

"Play it like only a stud can"

Poker is an ancient game of skill and strategy. While the initial hand dealt does help
determine the outcome of the round, a good poker player can turn a seemingly bad hand into
a winner. The strategy lies in the expressions of your opponents and in the cards lying
face up on the table. Master these simple tasks, and you will be able to play poker like
only a stud can.

SECTION I: The Basic Rules For Play
There are many varieties of this highly popular card game, but I will teach you how to
play the very common "five card stud". The game begins, as most do, with an "ante" of the
lowest possible chip in your possession. This may be changed later on but is normally
played this way. Then, the dealer "deals" the cards in a clockwise manner, one to every
player, and around again as needed. Common courtesy in poker says that you don't touch
your cards until they have all been placed in front of you. Then you look at your card or
cards and move to betting. The person with the highest ranked card showing ( 2's or deuces
being the lowest and ace being the highest unless otherwise called) "opens" the betting.
This means that they will look at their hand and bet accordingly. A common bet for the
first round is either the lowest chip or to "check". To check means that you would like to
pass without placing a bet. Other players may bet and by doing so the bet would pass
around the table to all players. If the check passes around the table, then another card
is dealt free of charge. There are three common reasons to check. First, it is if you
don't have anything good in your hand. Second, it is to see the bets of the other players
and compare hands (a high bet meaning a seemingly good hand, low bet meaning the
opposite). And third, to "bluff" your opponents for any reason. When betting, you can also
"fold". This means that you drop out of the game and cannot come back in. If choosing to
fold, you lose your bet, but will not have to bet again. This type of play is done if the
person does not have any sort of hand going for him. Play continues until all cards are
dealt and all bets have been placed. Then you show your cards, starting with the person
who placed the final bet first. The winner takes the "pot" which is all the bets that have
been placed in the middle.

Section II: Hand Values
The winner is based upon who has the most valuable five card hand. If the same hand is
tied for winner, the hand of higher value wins. Example would be out of a pair of sevens
and a pair of sixes, the sevens would win. The card values are as follows starting with
lowest and going to highest:

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