How were Spartans different from Athens Essay

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How were Spartans different from Athens

This is a comparing on two city-states in Greece. In Greece Sparta and Athens
were different in so many ways such as in religion, government, culture,
beliefs, education etc.

Athens and Spartans were two major city-states in Greece These two city-states
were very different from each other in many ways because they were seperated
from each other by low rugged mountains and Athens was located in northeast of
sparta and Sparta was located in the South Central region of Greece known as
the Peloponnesus. The Athenians had a democracy and Athens was first ruled by one
king but in 750 B.C. some Athen noble merchant and manufacturer took over,
Spartans had a military aristocracy they was once ruled by one king but in
800 B.C., Aristorals or nobles took over the government and from that time
Sparta had two kings. Athens government was a direct democracy. citizens had
the right to make and vote on laws. Citizens served on jury. Sparta
government was an oligarchy and one man ruled. Citizens had no right to make
laws and there was no jury system.

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