Huck Finn Paper Essay

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Huck Finn Paper

How would you like to have a drunk, abusive father? Well in Huckleberry Finn's everyday
life that's what he has to deal with. Huck‘s father, which he calls Pap, has a really
bad drinking problem which adds on to his abusive ways. In this story Huck inherited a
large sum of money and the towns people knew that Pap would be coming for him and the
money. Pap is characterized different from the novel, the movie, and Big River, can he
really be compassionate? Pap seems to be victimized by the government as the town drunk
and not a good role model for his son, but it turns around when he shows compassion when
he thinks Huck has died.

In the movie Huck portrays his death so he could escape his abusive father. When Pap
arrives to the made up murder scene he seems very upset. Pap started crying and screaming
at the thought of his son being murdered. The money that Huck inherited was the driving
force for Pap to be reunited with him. The made up death however shows that Pap wanted to
be a part of Huck's life. Pap wanted what was best for Huck. It seemed like Pap wanted to
be a part of Huck's life that's why he brought Huck out to the cabin to where no one could
civilize him.

In the novel, Pap didn't seem to care about Huck. The only reason he wanted to take Huck
into his custody was for the money so he could buy alcohol, as that‘s what the people in
the town thought. Huck was afraid of his father since he always abused him. "I used to be
scared of him all the time, he tanned me so much. I reckoned I was scared now, too" (Twain
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