Huffman Trucking Project Paper Essay

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Huffman Trucking Project Paper

Team B Huffman Trucking Project Paper
Project Overview
Huffman Trucking is a large organization that provides transportation of goods and
services to its customers. In order to better serve these customers and to compete and
stay at a high level above other suppliers, Huffman Trucking management enlisted the
assistance of Team B to upgrade their companies systems to be able to create, maintain,
and report on a database, which tracks the servicing of Huffman Trucking vehicles.

Huffman Trucking has a number of business needs that should be met. The system should not
require more than a few days of supervision to learn. It should be usable on modestly
priced computer systems. Most of all, it should be simple and convenient for the users.

The current system is not meeting business objectives because they are not able to tracks
the servicing of the vehicles at Huffman Trucking. Huffman employees usually scan
alphabeticly for vehicles . This is a fairly simple procedure if the exact name of the
vechilce is available. However, many new employes may only know the few words of the
vechile type. A tracked vehicle could possibly be misfiled, which requires a full stock
review to find it. With the new shipment of vechicles need maintanes every month, it is
close to impossible for a counter employee memorize

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