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Reaction Essay

The Greeks/Romans never invaded Rutherford County- physically. Yet the Greeks have left a
deep and unforgettable mark on Rutherford County and the United States thinking, politics,
philosophy, law, art, architecture, literature and the sciences. In going out and about in
"Small-Town" friendly Rutherford County, I realized that just like the Romans of old we
like to "borrow" other people ideas. My husband, kids and I, travel through Rutherford
each Sunday on our way to church, when I started reading these chapters I become conscious
of how much Greek and Roman Architecture is around us. I also work and attend Isothermal
Community College and many of the building here have Roman/Greek influence. The library
has tall columns and arches are use in it and the administration building. The buildings
that I would like to commit on are the Rutherford County Courthouse, Cliffside Elementary
School, and First Baptist church (some people call it Forest City Baptist). I choose these
buildings because I thought they showed a good assortment in Rutherford County.

I will start with the Courthouse, we travel by the Courthouse each Sunday and Wednesday
night, I have always thought that the courthouse was very impressive and magnificent in
appearance. Every inch is symbolic, the high columns, big windows, high steps going up to
the front windows. It combines Roman and Greek stunning with an American twist. The
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