Huttton Essay

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The Present is the Key to the Past"

James Hutton was born in 1726, a geographer, was named "the father of geology" who
believed not that catastrophes built the earth as it is today, but rather the origin of
rocks happened through slow processes and time by gathering observations, the changes that
took place over time, on his farm and land in Scotland,. The principle of
uniformitarianism, the principle that Hutton is known for,, is said to be that present day
geologic processes also occurred during the past, and would continue to take place in the
future. shaping the earth.

Hutton wrote a paper, The Theory of the Earth, unfortunately, Hutton wasn’t the best
writer. Therefore, Hutton’s ideas on the geologic processes didn’t expand
until Sir Charles Lyell popularized the concept by rewriting Hutton’s proposition.

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