Essay on Hypoglycemia

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Hypoglycemia means low blood sugar or low fuel in the blood. It also
refers to a distubed carbohydrate metabolism, since some people change
between high and low blood sugar levels. When the body tries to work under
these conditions, mental processes are impaired and body systems are
broken. Hypoglycemia is sometimes related to other conditions like drug
addiction, alcoholism, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, mental illness, anti-social
behavio, an juvenile deliquency.
There are numerous causes of hypoglycemia including; inborn errors of
metabolism, defects in enzyme systsms, disorders of various glands and
organs (hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenals, nervous system, kidneys, and
liver). The most common cause is a diet high in carbohydrates and caffiend,
which disturbs the blood-sugar regulating systems of the body.
THere are a number of symptoms of Hypoglycemia that can be
identified. The major symptoms are depression, insomnia, irritability, lack of
concentration, crying spells, phobias, forgetfulness, confusion, unsocial or
anti-social behavior and suicidal tendencies. The early symptoms of
hypoglycemia are similar to those which occur as the result of experiencing
a sudden and violent fear: fainting, tremulousness, and "inward tremblind",
emotional disturbances, chilliness, numbness and pallor encirling th nmouth,
hunger, apprehencion, hand tremors, mild degree ofmental cloudiness,
dilated pupils and pale skin. As the hypoglycemia progress, a variety of
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