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i dont know

August 14, 1997
Davenport Public Library's mission is to serve as a resource center for the community and
provide free and equal access to

information, materials, services and programs designed to meet the informational,
learning, cultural and recreational needs of

our citizens. Information is available in a variety of formats, including electronic
databases and online services such as the

The Internet is a vast, unregulated information network, which provides access to ideas,
information, images, and commentary

beyond the confines of the Library's collection, mission, selection criteria, and
collection development policies. The Library is

not responsible for Internet content, some of which may be considered offensive or
disturbing by some individuals. Users are

encouraged to exercise critical judgment in evaluating the validity of information
obtained via the Internet and should be aware

that the information found may be incomplete, inaccurate, dated, or controversial.
Because sites on the Internet change rapidly

and unpredictably, the Library cannot monitor or control Internet information or images.
The use of library materials and information for unlawful or unethical purposes is
prohibited; this includes information accessed

through electronic means. Misrepresentation of identity and/or modification or
unauthorized access of hardware, software,

data, files, or passwords is prohibited. Users may not make any changes to the system,
install software, save data to any
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