I felt the earth shake beneath my feet. A mere thi Essays and Papers

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I felt the earth shake beneath my feet. A mere thirty or so feet away, the ground crumbled
from underneath the surface, and the earth grew hot beneath my feet.

A bubble began to form in the dirt, rising like a helium balloon, uprooting trees and
moving anything that could get in its way.

I ran to the abandoned truck near my tree-fort in the forest and climbed upon the roof
using a primitive ladder I built earlier with twine and plywood. Realizing that even with
a few tons beneath me, the bubble would tip the truck over with ease, and me with it.

I turned to look at the bubble of dirt, but it had became so hot that the dirt itself
began liquefy, that's right, melt. Right in my own forest I was watching a volcano begin
to form.

I jumped on my bike beside the truck and started to peddle with all my might, but I
couldn't move. I hopped off my bike only to realize that the heat had fused my tires to
the forest floor. Having no method of transportation or options, I ran as fast as my legs
could take me.

I looked back and saw that the bubble stopped growing and had turned into a mound of steaming lava.

I stopped running and leaned against a tree to watch.

As I watched the mound hardened in a matter of seconds right before my eyes. It was
amazing; it solidified as fast as it had melted. Then it started to crack, the massive
walls of the mountain crumbled like old

Play-Doh and sent rocks tumbling down its sides.

Something seemed to be inside, pushing its way through its massive cocoon of solid rock. I hate it when I'm right.

The mountain was now reduced to an immense pile of gravel and dirt. Something was
protruding from the top of the pile; a hook shaped serrated object. A claw. Then another
shot up through the pile like an arrow through paper.

Then a rounder, more welcomed shape of some sort. Then it turned around and faced me. It
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