I killed The Deer Essay

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I killed The Deer

The poem I choose was “I Have Killed the Deer”. This poem was written by a
Pueblo Indian. He explained how throughout his life he took the other lives of plants and
animals in order to survive. He said that when he died he would give his body to the earth
for the new plants and animals to use for their survival. He would do so to keep the circle
of life complete.
I liked this poem because I understood most of it. This poem shows how much
the Pueblo Indian really cared about his land and the animals. He felt that when it was his
time to die he would support the living things that helped support him in his life. I think
that this Indian was very caring and he made the right decision because every little
component to the circle of life, down to the smallest living or non-living thing, is very
The one thing I didn’t like about this poem was that it didn’t rhyme. I do prefer
poems that follow, but other than that it was really good. I think that a person could learn
a lot from reading this poem, not just about contributing to the circle of life, but just
helping a person or thing that has helped you in the past. Like I say, “Help those in need
because in the long run you maybe helping yourself.”

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