I know what u did last summer Essay

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I know what u did last summer

I Know What You Did LAST SUMMER
By: Lois Duncan

In “I Know What You Did Lat Summer”, written by Lois Duncan, there are five
major characters. Their names are Julie, Helen, Barry, Ray, and the killer (we will find
out his name at the end of the book). Last summer all four of them (Julie, Helen, Barry,
Ray) went to a party, on the fourth of July, and hit a boy with their car on the way home
from the party. They had been drinking and had used some drugs so if they had stayed at
the accident, they would be put in jail. They called the police and then leaved the seen.

A year latter, still no one knew it was then who hit the boy; Julie got an interesting
letter that said “I Know What You Did LAST SUMMER”. She went to Helen
apartment, and showed Helen and Barry the letter. They thought it was just some prank
because Helen always gets those, since she is she is a Channel five Golden Girl. So they
just forgot about the letter. A few days later, Barry got shot with a gun. He
didn’t die but he got extremely hurt. He went out to the field when there were
fireworks going on, and then he got shot. Most everyone thought it was Helen’s
fault because someone had called him right before he went outside (they thought Helen had
called him and made him come to see her) Nobody knows if he got shot on purpose or on
accident. A few days after that, Ray and Julie went on a car ride. Ray told her he got a
letter just like he had, it also said “I know What You Did LAST SUMMER”
exactly like Julie’s said. Julie told Ray that Helen had a picture of a boy on a
bike taped on her door; she found it when he got home. Ray knew what happened to Barry,
he also got a clipping that had to do with what everyone else got; the picture Helen got
and the letter Julie and himself got all was connected by somebody that knows what
happened last summer.

When Julie and Ray were on their car ride, Julie read the news article that was about the
boy they he killed. It had an address of were his parents lived and were he had lived.
They met Megan, his older sister, who told them that her mom had a mental break down and
the mom holds herself responsable for his death. Megan’s father went away to be
close to his wife in the mental hospital. Her brother Davy was coming home from a
friend’s house because he and his friend had gotten into a fight. He had called his
mom to come and get him, but the parents have been trying not to spoil him so she had said
no. He got on his bike and was riding home when he got hit and killed. Now Julie was
feeling guilty, “before Those people were just names in the paper but now they are
nice, caring, helpful people that I know.”

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