I-Search Essay

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I like to go to concerts, and I always think of what it would be like to be up on that
stage plaing along with the band. But, I only know how to play the drums. Although this is
a skill that I have worked on in the last three years to get to where I am at in skill
level, I would further like to increase my musical talent to a more thourogh and diverse
plane of playing. I feel the need to learn the guitar as a mmeans of another hobby that i
can have fun with fer the rest of my life. So now, every wednesday at 5:30 p.m. i will be
taking guitar lesons at hollowoods music in McKeese Rocks. During these next few months I
will learn all that i need to take my self into the world of playing guitar.

My I-search paper will involve the researching the origin of the guitar and how it has
evolved to make music all these years. I wil also go into how the modifications have made
the sound better and more clear. I am curious as to how the electric guitar works, I hope
to find this out in my research that I will do for this paper.

I feel that my research will help me to furthur understand how the guitar works and where
it came from. I also feel that it will have a further more greater appreciation for the
instrument in which I have chosen to play. My mentor Tim Barley will lead me on my way to
learning the fundamentals of guitar for only $13 a lesson. Fter this time i will spend
this year i should be wel aware of how to play the guitar, know how it was made, and where
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