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The Adventures of Nigel and Corky

… They were on a rickety old plane that looked like I could've been flown sometime
during the fifties, everyone was snickering and making comments about it when all of a
sudden the engines started to sputter and die. The engines went out and the pilot was
forced into attempting a crash landing, he dint do too good and the only survivors were
Nigel Frumpton, a world famous explorer and professional treasure hunter and Corky, the
pilots assistant, see Corky was a little slower than normal and the only reason he worked
for the pilot is because the pilot felt sorry for him.

As they gathered all the supplies that were salvageable Nigel was trying to come up with
some sort a plan. After they were ready Nigel explained to Corky that they were going to
continue with the expedition while looking for some sort of civilization where they could
get a hold of someone to come help them. It didn't really look too likely for a while
because they were stranded deep in the middle of the thick jungles of South America.

They started walking north figuring they would run into something after a while but they
found something all too soon. Before Nigel knew he could hear Corky yelling for help about
thirty feet away from him. Corky had wandered off a little bit and walked right into a big
puddle of quicksand and was slowly sinking helplessly. Nigel had the think quick so he
looked for something to throw Corky, he noticed long sturdy looking vines hanging off of a
tree nearby and ran over to cut a vine down to toss to Corky as a makeshift life saver. In
his rush to help he didn't pay much attention to what vine he was grabbing, when he
reached up and grabbed onto the closest vine to him he heard a very intimidating hiss from
very close. As he looked down to see what was hissing he noticed the "vine" he grabbed
wasn't a vine at all it was a vine snake! Vine snakes are notorious for blending in with
the vines of a long tree and striking on unsuspecting victims, releasing their extremely
venomous poison into the victim killing them almost instantly. Nigel being the expert he
was didn't over react to the situation and calmly let go of the snake and at the same time
quickly cut off a nearby vine from the tree and ran over to Corky, by this time he had
sunk to his waistline and was getting pretty impatient with Nigel. Nigel tossed him one
end of the vine so he could hold on while he tried to pull him out of the death trap.
After nearly ten minutes of pulling as hard as he could Nigel finally got Corky out of the
puddle. After the mishap they were both exhausted so they decided to look for a place
suitable to camp for the night. After another ten minutes or so of walking they found a
perfect place to set up camp and to settle into for the night. They have everything set up
and ready in a bout an hour then Nigel sent Corky to go gather some firewood. Corky
returned not too long after he left with enough wood for the night. They cook a small
portion of the food they brought from the crash site, ate it and went to bed.

When Corky woke up the next day Nigel was cooking a small breakfast of dehydrated eggs and
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