Immigration Policy in the United States Essay

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Immigration Policy in the United States

Immigration and Immigration policy

We are now in the beginning of the 21st century and like the beginning of the 20th century
the United States finds itself in the throes of a period of mass immigration. More then
one million immigrants enter the Unites States, both legally and illegally every single
year. Many argue that this new wave of mass immigration may help sustain the success that
our nation is having in regard to the way of living that many American have come
accustomed to and yet other believe that although out nation was created by immigrants it
is time to "shut down" our borders. The truth of the matter is that there will always be
issues in regard to immigration and the policies that the government sets forth in order
control who comes into this country. Also now more then ever immigration policy has a
greater affect on the American people because of the fact that we find our selves living
in a time of danger or as some might argue, a perceived danger in regard to terrorism.
Also with the proposal of President Bush's new guest-worker program raises more issues in
regard to immigration. The fallowing paper will attempt to overview current immigration
policy and also state what immigration policy should be over the next 25 years.

Current policy on immigration is something that should not only be considered through
notion that the only people that come to the United States now days are illegal
immigrants. The reality is that when the topic of immigration comes up the first thing to
usually jump into peoples mind is that immigration is synonymous with illegal immigration.
However the United States immigration policy is one that responds to the many different
yet essential questions about the nature of American society. For example who and what
kind of person should be allowed to become members of United States society? Should we
continue to allow foreigners the option of entering our nation and if so, how many? What
will be the role that the newly arrived immigrants play in a society that values education
and hard work? However the most important question one must ask is how can current policy
and new policy control manage the flow of immigrants?

There is not doubt that the United States is a nation of immigrants; however for many
immigrants who come to this country today there experiences are often not what they
expected. More times then not many people find themselves frustrated and unable to sustain
themselves. It is my opinion that American and the government should be willing to greet
these new arrivals with open arms rather then the giant bureaucracy that has become
immigrant policy today. For those who seek to come to this country by legal means it is
only fair that the nation should be responsive and welcoming. However although it is
necessary for the system to welcome legal immigrants to the US it is also very important
for the government to battle illegal immigration as well.

The reforming of America's immigration policy is something that can no longer be avoided
and must be dealt with as soon as possible. Years of neglect by governmental agencies and
policies makers have now made this issue one of the biggest in American politics. First of
it must be understood that immigration does no only effect curtain areas of the country
and curtain aspect of public life but rather all of American life. Both legal and illegal
immigration affect major issues such as jobs availability for all citizens, wages,
education in public schools system and in general, health care issues, and the homeland

There needs to be reform not only the issue of illegal immigration but also on legal
immigration and refugee and asylum policies; the three main reforms that I will cover in
this paper. Current immigrant policy allows for around 1 million immigrants allowed into
this country every year. Although this may seem like a low number compared to the current
population of nearly 300 million people who currently live in the unites states the affect
on the nation is quit drastic considering the fact that many more people arrive here
illegally. It should be the policy of the Unites States to lower legal entry of immigrants
from 1 million to around 500,000 people per year. Bye doing so the government would in
effect allow for be able to control the situation by not overworking government agency
that are already spread thin. Also this would allow for my selective entry of person who
in effect would help in the development of the nation rather then hold it back.

While the size of the immigrant population expands and contracts in response to economic
condition, the recruitment of immigrants who meets specific economic needs has always be
an important issue. Immigration status before the Immigration act of 1965 was based on
nationality, and countries received quotas based on proportion of current Americans who
originally came from those countries. However after the act was passed this form of
immigration policy was changed and an emphasis was put on categories such as family ties,
occupation skill and humanitarian concerns. Today, the United States admits most
immigrants based on family ties, fallowed by occupational skill and then humanitarian
concerns. The remaining immigrant's entrance to the country is based on Visa lottery. Visa
lottery effectively works the way it sound, entrance in the country is based on a lottery.
In my opinion I believe that this last form of entrance to the US is not fair in that it
does not set a standard for entering but rather bases everything solely on luck. What kind
of country would we be if all people who entered came by lottery?

Other reforms that should also be made deal with the way in which the country should deal
with illegal immigrants. Although America is a nation of immigrants it is also a nation of
laws. Over the past decades illegal immigrants have often been viewed as unwelcome guest
who put extra burden on health care, social services, public school, and also take jobs
from hard working Americans. However the most effective way to combat this problem is not
necessarily dealing with illegal immigrants themselves but rather also dealing with those
who choose to employ them even though they know of there illegal status. In dealing with
this problem one effective deterrent would be to charge the cost of public services used
by illegal immigrants to those employers who willing employ illegal immigrants.

However there is always more option that can be taken rather then simply denying
immigrants the opportunity to come into this country. One of those options is of course
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