Impact of robtic program Essay

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impact of robtic program

I saw the flier from Tech, and it was second week of school. I spotted out a robotic
course at MIT. The program seemed tailored to my interest in math and science and to my
competitive spirit. I couldn’t resist the opportunity. When I asked some of my friends if
they were willing to sign up for a course with me, most of them discouraged me by telling
me it was too advanced for them or they did not have time for such a course. Finally one
of my friends and I signed up.

The first day was not the best day. My friend and I were the only two students from our
school who had signed up for this course and other people in that class seemed to know
much more about robotics than what we knew. We were all given identical kits containing
Lego parts, a microscope, sensor, motors, batteries, and wire. Our task was to design a
computer-controlled robot that would navigate around a game board.

Before our project was initiated, we divided ourselves into groups and competed against
each other. Sometimes we competed against other groups of students from other programs.

My group faced many real world problems like the breaking of a wire at the last minute
before a major the competition, or the robot refusing to follow the algorithm, which we
had installed. I made my full share of mistakes, but by the end of the program, I had
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