Imperialsim in Madagascar Essay

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Imperialsim in Madagascar

Imperialism in Madagascar

When someone is talking about Madagascar usually they are talking about the huge
cockroaches people have to eat on Fear Factor but there is so much more to the country
than that. During a time when land was being snatched up and claimed by many Euro-Asia
countries little had any right or reason to have the land. This time of imperialism
effected economic markets, religion, and many other things pertaining to the Malagasy.

Throughout the centuries countries and mankind have always wanted one thing: power. This
power can be in many forms such as money, property, friends, or technology. During the
1800s to 1914 many countries found land in Africa that had "primitive" or "incompetent"
inhabitants so they claimed the country as theirs and took control of it to get more
power. I believe France wanted Madagascar because it had found that the country's land was
inadequate for further growth so to posses more land they saw Madagascar and what it had
to offer them, and protectorated it.

During the 1600s the Portuguese, the English, and the French, successful or not, tried to
colonize Madagascar. This was the first attempt of any kind to penetrate Madagascar. In
1869 the French attained and expanded their political influence in Madagascar. In 1896,
after a native rebellion they won the French achieved control and made all of Madagascar a
French colony.
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