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in our time

In Our Time The Nick Adams stories were my favorite of the collection because I got to
know Nick through the reading. I started to understand Nick and I could anticipate the
actions and feelings that he was feeling. I am not sure if this is because I became
familiar with Nick or because I have done many of the things Nick has done and was able to
understand what he was doing. "Big Two-Hearted River: Part I and II" were the most
enjoyable short stories of the ones I read. The language that Hemingway uses is ideally
suited for describing Nick's activities by the river. Hemingway's simple declarative
sentences are all that is needed to convey the wonderful scene of Nick struggling with his
pack, setting up his tent, and cooking his food. I have also done all the things that Nick
was doing by the river and I was able to understand his satisfaction at pulling up a sound
tent. Little sentences like "He was careful not to let the hook bite into his finger"
convey so much meaning to anyone who has ever tried to tighten a fishing hook on a line
that you can only help but nod your head in agreement. I must admit that despite not being
at the center of your course I could not help but think of how much Hemingway's content
was influenced by his life. Many of the stories like "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife"
were based directly on personal experiences of Hemingway's life. Since it is not the focus
of your course, I am trying to just accepted the content and concentrate more on writing
style and the way Hemingway writes something. I have found it difficult to pay close
attention to both the story and the writing at the same time and have had to reread
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