In The Frontiers Of One Last Essay

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In The Frontiers Of One Last

The independent Republic of Cyprus came into being in August 1960. Its first President was
Archbishop Makarios. Over the first three years of independence relations between the
Greek and Turkish Cypriots deteriorated, mainly as a result of flaws in the constitution
which gave disproportional rights to the Turkish Cypriot community including the right to
block the passing of laws.

In 1963 intercommunal violence broke out following which many Turkish Cypriots withdrew to
enclaves. Attempts to bring the two sides back together were made through the United
Nations who sent a contingent to the island. On 15 July 1974 the Junta ruling Athens at
the time organised a coup to overthrow Archbishop Makarios. A week later Turkey invaded
the island, claiming this was to restore constitutional order. However, when the rightful
government was restored, Turkish troops stayed on, implementing a long-held policy of
partitioning the island. They went on to occupy more than a third of Cyprus, forcing
200,000 people to lose their homes and become refugees.

The area under Turkish occupation unilaterally declared independence in1983, an act
condemned by the UN and other international organisations. No country in the world other
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