In today's society people are judged primarily on Essay

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In today's society people are judged primarily on their looks and the amount of money that
they have. As we take a look into the short story, "Wild Plums", one can agree that the
primary purpose of this short story is to illustrate how people believe they are inferior
to others because of the way they look or act. The main family in the story thinks they
are too good to go pick wild plums with the slumps and they think they are too good to be
around them.

When the little girl talks about visiting the Slump's at their home, she says that they
didn't use chairs but rather sat on the floor or on boxes. When they describe how the
slumps lived it always sounds mediocre to the way they their family lives.

The second time I knew about the plums was at Mrs. Slump's house when she was making plum
butter. She said she couldn't ask us in because the floor was dirty from stirring jam. The
Slump's didn't use chairs. They had boxes to sit on, and the children sat on the floor
with the dogs.

Another example of their poverty is when the family goes to the slumps to pick up a plow
that Mr. Slump had borrowed. The author explains that the Slumps just left their tools
where they unhitched but, the little girl's family had a shed where they put the machinery
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