Essay on Indian Camp

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Indian Camp

Indian Camp

Analysis of Nick's Father


In Earnest Hemmingway's story Indian Camp, from his first book In Our Time, there is a
character named Henry refereed to in this story as Nick's father. Nick's father is a
doctor. A closer look at Nick's father reveals that he is quite a paradoxical figure.

On one hand, Nick's father appears to be a great father who is nurturing caring and wants
only the best for his son. "Nick lay back with his fathers arms around him." This quote
shows that Nick's father is affectionate towards his son and is caring. When at the home
of the Indian woman Nick's father begins to explain to him why they are there. He tells
him that the woman is very sick and that she needs his help. The woman is screaming in
agony and Nick's father tells him that, " What she is going through is called being in
labor. The baby wants to be born and she wants it to be born. All her muscles are trying
to get the baby born. That is what is happening when she screams." This is a rather direct
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