Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution had a major impact on England and other countries during the
1700 and 1800's. It changed the lives of many people. Some people might say that the
industrial revolution was good. Others say that it was bad for both people and the

One effect of the industrial revolution was child labor. Since children were easy to
intimidate and order around. Factory owners could also pay them super low wages. Hours
were also very long. Most workers worked for 16 hours a day with only a 40-minute break,
if that. The children also had no time for school since they were working.

Another effect was the new lifestyle of the factory workers. They now lived a dangerous
life in which they had to go to work knowing that they could loose a body part or even
their life. This was due to the lack of safety devices and lack of government regulations
in business. Factories were unsanitary, dusty and dangerous.

A positive effect was that the average standard of living of the average person increased.
As goods went from being hand made to now being made by machines in factories, the cost
decreased. Now factories could mass-produce goods. People now have better built houses,
less expensive clothing, and they can also be transported faster and for less cost.

With the growth of cities and their slum areas, one town, the town of Hyde, was a positive
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