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Industrialization in the 19th century made production easier, quicker and inexpensive for employers. I believe that industrialization allowed employers to abuse American and immigrant workers in many ways.
Workers were exposed to hazardous environments. Facilities lacked fire extinguishers. These facilities also locked emergency exits. An example of unsafe workplaces was the NYC Triangle Shirtwaist Company (1911). This factory caught a fire and killed 146 workers including men, women, and children. Many of them had been trapped inside the burning building because management had locked the emergency exits to prevent unauthorized absences. Most accidents were caused by machines. Employers failed to provide safety gear to protect workers from getting hurt. Workers were paid low wages with an annual income of approximately $500 a year. The average workday consisted of 10 to 12 hours with a six day work week. Employers did not provide any medical coverage. In the event an employee became ill and unable to work they were immediately terminated.
The Labor Contract Law permitted employers to recruit immigrant workers and pay for their passage in advance and deduct the amount later from their wages. This law made wages for unskilled immigrant workers lower than the wages for unskilled American citizens. Therefore immigrants would be making enough just to survive. As a result of the low wages, immigrant workers were replacing citizen workers.
Women and children were paid the lowest wages compared to men. Most

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