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In 1927, a German - American journalist had published an interview that he had with
Sigmund Freud. A short time later Freud received a letter from an America physician
regarding Freud's lack of religious faith. The physician told Freud of an experience he
encountered in a dissecting room, in which a " sweet old woman" was going to be dissected.
It was from this incident the physician had lost his faith in god. He told Freud that it
was from experiences such as these that helped one retain their faith, but Freud objected.
Freud's response to this was that when the Physician saw the " sweet old woman's face", he
was seeing his mother, and when he referred to god, he was referring to his father. In a
way it seemed as if the Physician was referring to some kind of separation between two
people that is later brought together by faith in God or Jesus Christ. Yet Freud did not
believe that this was any reason to retain his faith in God or Jesus Christ.

Hitler #16

On February 25th, 1920 the National Socialist German Workers' Party announced their
program to the world. The leaders had no intentions and once their aims were complete they
would create new ones in order to increase the discontent of the masses artificially to
ensure the existence of the party. Afew of the things they demanded were not allowing Jews
to be apart of the nation, people that were not citizens of the State could live in
Germany only as guests and would be subjected to foreign laws. Moreover they demanded to
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