Influences On Congress

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Influences on Congress

The legislative processes of the United States Congress are often open to certain influences. These influences can come from such elements of the congressional system as logrolling and party representation on committees. In addition, there are several manners in which party leadership in Congress can also contribute to these influences.

Logrolling is one technique used to sway the legislative procedures of Congress in one’s favor. Also known as reciprocity, logrolling is a method that one or more congressman use to garner another’s vote. In essence it is quid pro quo, or as Congressman B.F. Butler once defined it: “If you will vote for my interest, I will vote for yours.” A common practice in American Congress, logrolling is inherently a form of mutual aid among politicians; one legislator will support another’s project in return for the latter’s support of his. When enough of these votes are exchanged, a majority coalition is formed. Logrolling is often used by Congressmen who seek to establish local projects. These initiatives, which are predicated upon the grassroots interests of politicians, run the gamut from new dams to improved irrigation systems; better harbors to additional bridges; and enhanced hospitals to state-of-the-art military bases.

Another component of the congressional committee system that influences the legislative process is party representation. Committee make-up is determined by the percentage of party representation in each house. Essentially, the party who has the most members in Congress obtains the greatest amount of seats on a committee. This majority then impacts the naming of a committee chairman. The committees that wield the greatest amount of influence are the House Ways and Means Committee, the House Rules Committee, and the Senate Judiciary Committee. The party that has the highest percentage of seats, the greatest amount of party representation, clearly has the strongest influence on t

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