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Renaissance Person

During my life I have met several people that have many talents. Although some of the
things people I know are good at might not be considered genius, I still consider the
abilities they possess very valuable. I have lived in three towns for the majority of my
life which I was social able. The one person I feel that stands out the most is my good
friend Rory Wayne MacLearn.

I didn't realize the talent he had in several things until I started to hang out with him
on a regular basis. Everything we would do from playing sports such as golf to baseball,
basketball or football to playing video games, the kid had pure talent. As good as he was
at sports, that didn't even touch his talent in music. He played the trombone in band and
sat first chair as a sophomore in high school. Being a good trombone player was good
enough to satisfy him in the music part of his talent, and indeed it didn't. He also sang
for the choir and danced and performed in show choir. Show choir is for the musicians that
are above the rest with more talent and can dance and sing at the same time. He was in the
front row and was given a solo to sing during the performance each year of his high school
career. He was in a group of 5 singers called the sidewalk 5. He received all A's and B's
in school and had a GPA of 3.59 which is very impressive for all the extracurricular
activities Rory was involved in.

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