Interactive Classroom Versus Non-interactive Class

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interactive classroom versus non-interactive class

Willmott once said,” education is the apprenticeship of life.” True it may sound but education has its own constraints too. Importance of education lies in ‘how’ it is imparted than ‘what’ is imparted. Educationists worldwide suggest that there exist two types of teaching methods. One is where the teacher speaks i.e. authoritarian classroom and the other where there is interaction between the teacher and the student i.e. democratic classroom.

In a undemocratic classroom situation, the teacher actively participates and the students are mere listeners. There is one-way communication between them. In a democratic class, there is equal participation from both the teacher and the student. The motive of both these methods is learning but the authoritarian classroom has more loopholes than the democratic one.

The arrogant tone of a teacher imperially commands, “you will submit three projects”, “you must attend class regularly”, “no one is allowed to talk in my lecture”, “pay attention or you will be out of the classroom” etc. all of us have g

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