Internation management Essay

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internation management

" As a firm develops its advertising strategy, it must consider three factors :
- The message they want to convey
- the media available for conveying the message
- the extent to which the firm wants to globalise its advertising effort" (book, p. 657)

The promotion designated in the "4 Ps" involves the communication, the personnal selling,
the sales promotions, and public realtions. Firstly, as regards communication, Donnar is a
B-to-B company, so they don t ad for the public. However, they try to convey a strong
message to their customers in Australia. "The message of an advertisement refers to the
facts or impressions the advertiser wants to convey to potential customers." (book, p.657)
their message is mainly "reliability, dependability and a market name which is wellknown
in China" (Catts, C., 2004, email, 5th April) by mentioning awards and certificates
awarded in China by numerous agencies. Their global communication policy is 'think
globally, act locally' (Catts, C., 2004, email, 5th April) which means that they use the
same commercials in Australia and in China, but not the same actors. The medium
(communication channel) used is ATM managers, banks and past relationships (Catts, C.,
2004, email, 5th April).

Secondly, personnal selling means "making sales on the basis of personnal contacts" (book,
p. 662). This technic is currently used by Donnar wich "also use the relationships they
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