Essay on International terrorism

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international terrorism

After reading Martha Crenshaw's essay on The Causes of Terrorism, thoughts were provoked
that allowed me to look at the causes of terrorism from an entirely new perspective. It
took my preconceived notions and feelings towards terrorism out of the picture and really
let me look at the subject from a balanced point of view. I found this appealing because I
have never been able to comprehend how there could be rational justifications to such a
harsh reality. It really motivated me to try and understand more about such a complex

This essay explained settings for terrorism, reasons for terrorism, and individual
motivation and participation. All three of which made me think of the America before the
constitution, before equal rights were assured to all individuals. These privileges did
not come for free; we had to fight for them.

In settings for terrorism, the author talked about subgroups of larger populations that
may be discriminated against, or suppressed and not given equal opportunity for political
participation. These particular situations may be conducive to terrorist organization and
activity. These were some of the same settings for the causes of wars in America's
history, from the American Revolution, to the Civil War. During the American Revolution
fighters for their cause were not looked at as terrorist although they did participate in,
what was considered at that time to be, unconventional warfare which most consider today
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