Interview For Retailing Essay

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Interview For Retailing

"Any sufficient advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic",

Arthur C. Clarke. Technology has changed the retailing business

dramatically over the past 10 years. These changes have affected a number

of areas in the retailing business. These areas include the equipment in the

workplace, the policies in the workplace, the general environment, the

ordering of supplies, and the record keeping of the business.

One key area in the retailing business that technology has changed over

the past 10 years is the different equipment that is used. Interviewee A said

"The change has been quite good for business, we have gone from using a

simple till, to using a computer database, which helps us record the

customers buying habits and other information about them." Interview B

said " The equipment we use now has made things way easier for everyone.

They took a lil getting used to at first but once we learned how to use them

it was no problem. We switched form analogue gas pumps to digital ones,

we also switched from doing manual gas level dips to using electronic gas

level. Our Rigor machine has also been changed from the old ribbon printer

to the new laser printer." Technology isn't the only area that has been

changed by technology. The business policies have also been changed.

The policies in the retailing business have also been affected by

technology in the past 10 years. Interviewee A said "With out new system

our employees must now key in their assigned number so we can monitor

who sells what. The policies haven't been changed too much over the past

years, but another thing is tour security system has to be checked and our

code keyed in at the end of the night. We never used to have a security

system but today we do." Interviewee B said "We used to have someone do

gas level dips but now we don't have to, so we got rid of that policy, and we

now have a camera that needs the tape to be changed at certain times. We

haven't changed much in the past years." Policies haven't changed too

much in the past years but other areas of the retailing business have.

Another area of the retailing business that has been affected by

technology is the general environment of the business. Interview said "The

business tends to change with what the fashion is We have used different

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