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Tuesdays With Morrie

For the past day or two I have spent time with my sister, discussing different topics with
her about life. I closely observed her feelings and I recorded what she had to say.

We talked about regrets- Ever since my sister Erin started school she got excellent
grades. She doesn't really have any regrets. She only regrets some choices she made with
her friends. She thinks she could have picked better friends because she doesn't have any
true friends. She also wished that she stayed with the sports she played in the past. She
was good at softball and she was alright at street hockey. She thinks that if she still
played softball that she would probably be playing for Mainland. Other then that she
doesn't have any more regrets that she wishes to share.

We talked about death- "Death is a horrible time in a young persons' life, but once you
get older you realize that there is no stopping it." Erin tries not to think about death
that much because she knows when it's time it's time. "Losing a person you love one of the
worst things that can happen to you, but as long as you keep him/her in your heart there
is nothing to be scared of. Death is a big topic on the news now a days. Whenever I turn
on the News I always happen to catch a broadcast about someone who has killed another
person. That is all Erin had to say.
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