Invisible Man Argumentative Essay

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Invisible Man

Invisible Man

What makes us visible to others? How is it that sometimes society is completely blind to
our exisitance? Either we are invisible because we are not being noticed or we are
invisible because others can not see our true identity due to expectations relating to
race, gender or class. Of course the term invisible was not intended to be taken
literally. The meaning of invisible in Ellison's Invisible Man is essentially
metaphorical. Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, the main character experiences invisibility
in various manners and situations.

Being invisible has its advantages. If others don't acknowlegde you then you could get
away with actions that people are usualy punished with a penalty. In the book, the main
character tells of his advantages of being invisible such as living in the basement of an
apartment building rent free beause the landlord is unaware of his dwelling. The same
example can be said in a working enviornment where an employee can come in late multiple
times but is not scrutinized because that employee is not vital and therefore unoticed by
the employer. This type of invisiblilty is favored by some by laothed by others.

Some people don't like the felling of being unimportant. Ironically, in the book Invisible
Man, the main character explained the advantages of being invisible shortly after he
showed contempt for being invisible. Frustrated at his invisibility, he lashes out at a
man he intentionally bumped into (althought at the beginning, he said it was accidental).
Observing this more closely, it was an attempt to be acknowledge by the man to see if he
would move out of the way. The fact that the man didn't bother to do so only push him down
a deeper state of anger and therefore the only way for him to be acknowledge is to act
drastically. This inisibility is a reflection of the other's respect for the main
character. The main character was not a seen person of importance. Not being acknowledge
is usually frowned upon. This disregard of acknowledge occurs often in a place of work.
Whether it be in a learning institution or a working enviornment were a person deprived of
praise and recongnition. In order for that perons to be reconginized is to make
him/herself seen and usually this calls for gaining the attention of another by some act.
Then your invisibility becomes visble as a new image is created at the start of

Visibilty is advantages is the acknowlegement is positive. In the book the main character
was visible to the white community as being highly educated and intelligent. That
recongnition earned him a scholarship to college. Having a visible positive image will
create paths to various types of advancement. Being visible with a positive image brings
for more praises because your accomplishments will be noticed because they are expected.
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