Ireland Trip Essay

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Ireland Trip

The Ireland Trip

When I was fifteen I was with my best friend when we encountered funny experience when we
overslept for our first tour of The Taste of Ireland. I stayed over at Ryan's house. Ryan,
my best friend since I was six, and me were leaving fro Ireland the next morning and we
were so excited that we slept only two hours all night. The next morning we woke up and
got all of our stuff put into his mom's car. We then told her we're ready, so we jumped
into the car and headed for the Huntington Tri-State Airport.

Once we arrived we jumped out of the car and got our luggage checked in. At the point I
was a little nervous because I had never flown in an airplane. We finally make it on the
airplane and we were off to Pittsburgh's Airport. Once we arrived we stepped into the
airport and it was huge. No one in the group of fifteen had been in the airport and didn't
know where to go except Mr. Shy, the leader of the group. Our next plane was leaving in
fifteen minutes so Mr. Shy had to hurry and get all of us kids together so that we could
get on the other side of the airport to catch out next flight. While we were walking
through the airport, Ryan asked me, "If I liked flying yet."

I asked, "Why is that?"
He replied, "This plane is a monster compared to the last one." We stepped on the plane
and I looked towards the back and it looked like there were four hundred seats on the
plane compared to the last one, which held only twenty passengers. We got seated, and a
few minutes later we started to take off. As we were taking off unlike the crop duster,
this plane made me feel like I was implanted in the seats because the plane took off so
fast. I was so excited because I was flying on this monster plane. The whole time we were
in flight I was watching out the window at the ground where there weren't clouds below us.
Not feeling like we had been on the plane for very long, we arrived in New York to catch
our next flight. Once we arrived we went to the section of the airport where our plane is
leaving. We had a three-hour delay so we were allowed to go get something to eat at one of
the restaurants in the airport and be back in an hour. Well we all got back in time and
waited around to board the plane. We boarded the plane, and we were on out flight to
Ireland. By this time no one was able to sleep on the plane, even though it was a ten-hour
flight to out final destination. We finally arrived in Ireland and aborted the plane. We
then received our luggage downstairs. Once we received our luggage, we walked outside and
onto our bus that was waiting on us.

As we were on the bus, the bus driver told us where we were going and the time. After he
told us the time, we realized that we had been up for over twenty-four hours. Once we
figured this out we suddenly were worn out, so Ryan and I were thinking when we make it to
the hotel we'll take a nap since we'll have two hours before we have to go on out first

After we arrived at the hotel and checked in, Ryan and I rushed upstairs to our room. Once
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