Is there a God Essay

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Is there a God

PJ: Hey Bob. Why are you all dressed up?
Bob: Well I just got back from church.
PJ: When are you going to give up on that God thing?
Bob: Never. Infact I bet you $10 that I can prove the existence of god.
PJ: Your on.
Bob: Ok, the first thing you need to understand is the PSR.
PJ: What is the PSR?
Bob: Itís the Principle of Sufficient Reason. It states every event has a cause. i.e. you
donít get something from nothing.
PJ: Ok
Bob: The next thing you have to understand is the difference between something being
contingent or necessary. A contingent being doesnít explain itself. It depends on
something else for itís existence. Where as a necessary being explains its own existence
and doesnít depend on anything to exist. For example, a chair is something that is
contingent, because it was made by someone.
PJ: I donít see what this has to do with God.
Bob: You need to understand the basics before I can prove Godís existence to you.
PJ: Ok.
Bob: The Cosmological argument is one of the oldest and best arguments around and will
surely convince you.
1. The universe exists and is contingent.
2. Thus, the universe relies/depends on something else for itís existence.
3. This something else is either a necessary being or a contingent being.
4. Suppose it is contingent, the it depends on something else. ad infinitum
5. An infinite regress of explanation violates the PSR. An example of this one is the old
billiard ball example. If a ball goes into a pocket you ask what caused it. The answer is the
ball that hit it before, and the ball that hit the one before it. See the infinite regression will
not work.
6. Thus, this something must be a necessary being.
7. Lets call that being God.

PJ: Well Iím not sure about that. You are committing the part of a whole fallacy. Just
because the universe is made up of contingent things doesnít make it contingent.
Bob: Good point. But, what else could it be. The only other option is saying the universe
is necessary.
PJ: Well why couldnít it be?
Bob: Lets me a thought experiment to convey why not. Imagine you are walking along in
the forest and you come across a translucent sphere six feet in diameter. You try and move
it, but you canít. You try and puncture it, but again you canít affect it. So you ask me
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