Islamic Beliefs Essay

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Islamic Beliefs

It may seem similar and it may not, but what we do know, is that they both believe that
they are Muslims. The Islamic beliefs of the black American male and the males of the
Middle East are the same. My argument lies in the question of whether or not Africans can
call themselves true Muslims, believers and followers of the Islamic faith. To be
considered a true Muslim you must follow the rules and regulations of the Islamic faith.
What is Islam? Islam is defined as "the complete acceptance of and obedience to the
teachings of Allah " (I. A. Ibrahim 45) As a Muslim you are to believe in Allah, who is
incomparable. He has no son nor does he have a partner, he is unique and he is one. You
shall not worship, magnify, or pay tribute to any other, for all others are false. Yet we
see otherwise in Africans who call themselves Muslims. In John S. Mbiti's book,
"Introduction to African Religion" he states traditional African beliefs mixes those of
Islam to suit the requirements of the people concerned so they get the best out of both
religions (188-189). How can one say such a thing? To believe in something is to fight for
it, is to die for it. You can not get the best of a religion if you do not fully believe
in it. You should not "adopt the way of dress and some other cultural forms" (Mbiti 189),
just to suite a community. Religion is something that is held dear to the heart of many
people and to mix and mingle them does not allow you to truly believe in one. When you
convert to a religion it is not to convert halfway, it is not to convert three- fourths of
the way, but to convert all the way. It is stated that even if Africans "convert to
another religion, they do not completely abandon the traditional religions" (Mbiti 14)
Here we see that the first real defiance has already occur. By mixing the two would not
you be doing an injustice to the true believers of the Islamic faith and defying Allah the
leader of the Islamic faith. in addition, are you not doing an injustice to the rites and
rituals to the Gods, Spirits, and Divinities of the African religion? How can you please
the leader/leaders of these separate religions if you are not even following them fully
with your heart, mind, body and soul? I can not see how you can be a true religious
follower or worshiper of any sort if you do not believe with all of you. If we look at the
Hausas of the Habe kingdom in northern Africa we can see "despite their nominal adherence
to Islam, they continue to practice spirit possession and animal sacrifice. They eat pork,
let their women appear in public unveiled, engage in prohibited degrees of marriage, and
practical matrilineal inheritance" (Ray 179) Islamic practices set strict standard and
regulations that Muslims must follow. It is without a doubt that the Hausas have sin. They
knowingly and continuously practice what is Al-Haram. Al-Haram is something that is
unlawful or prohibited. As we have witnessed it is without a doubt, a sin to worship any
other, but Allah. Furthermore, they commited and engaged in five more sins against the
Islamic creed. It is Haram (strictly prohibited) "to eat flesh of dead animals, that died
of natural causes or had been strangled, beaten, or partly eaten by a wild beast"
(Elmastry 78). Animals must also be slaughtered by a sharp object so that the animals are
able to bleed from their blood vessels. It is also Haram to eat any swine, pork of any
sort. Before being slaughtered "Allah's name must be mention for giving such bounty"
(Elmastry 78). It is Haram "for woman to wear clothes that is "transparent and body
tight", they are also to have their body covered, leaving only their hands and face to be
seen" (Elmastry 79). It is also Haram for men to take any of their wive's money or
property before you marry, during the marriage and after marriage. It is solely the mans
responsibility to "care for the family regardless of their wives wealth" (Elmastry 78).
How can such people practice a religion and pay it no nevermind? It is to no fault of the
religion that they followed be for converting to the Islamic sect, but to what respect are
they paying tribute? Are they paying tribute out of belief, out of enjoyment, out of
respect, or out of selfishness? Can we or do we blame the Hausa scholars who did not draw
the line between what is right and what is wrong, what was sinful and what was in the name
of Allah? Do you blame the Hausa scholars for compromising the law of the Islamic faith to
tailor the religion to the needs of wealthy Habe patrons? Another example of an Islamic
group taht failes to fully live up to The poorest of the Yorubas make up the largest
portion the Islamic religion. The Yorubian Muslims who only, mostly follow the traditions
of the Islamic sentiment. They live as do any true Muslim, except "they take part in other
festivals of other religions that are practiced within their families as well as the
community, for they are merely acts of social custom" (Trimingham 222). This can be seen
as a means of keeping peace through the community, but again does it make it right? Is it
exceptable, to partake in rituals that may be held in the pagan belief , or Christmas
celebration of the Christian belief, or any other for that matter? Egypt on the other
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