Islamic Religion Paper

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Islamic Religion

Todays Muslims are branded as terrorists

or fudamentalist. But their religion is a gentle religion. On

the Arabian Penninsula, home of the Arabs, was isolated

and they were able to develop their civilization without

outside influences. It is about 1 million miles square, that is

located between the Red sea and the Persian Gulf. There

are two distinctive regions. The first has well-watered

valleys between mountains and the second is arid plains

and desert. Grass grows quickly during the showes of the

rainy season. In ancient times the Arabs were bedouin

(nomads that hersed sheep, goats, and camels. and lived in

tents made made of felt from camel or goat hair.) They ate

fresh or dried dates and drank milk from their herds. On

special occasions they ate mutlon. their tribes were made of

related families. They valued family ties becuase because

they ensured they ensured protection and survival. They

had a chief (sheikh). The sheikh ruled as long as the tribe

allowed him. They had a counsil of elders. There was

warfare over waterholes and pastures. Their way of

punishment is an eye for sn eye and a tooth for a tooth. To

improve warrior skills they had camel and horse. They had

story telling in frount of the campfire. They had poetry

about battles, desert, camels, horses, and love. In 500

A.D. they started a town called Makkah, which was fifty

miles inland of the Red sea. Trade was mostly of animal

producys for weopeans dates grains, spices, jewels ivory,

silk, and perfumes. They had caravans travel there from as

for china. Arabs had and worshipped many ditied business

ties were replaceing family ties, and old tribal laws were not

adequat Byzantine and the Persin armies were threatining to

conquer them. The tribes had the some language but they

had no central goverment, or sense of unity, The Arabs

searched for new beliefs. The prohet of Islam was

muhammad. He was born in Makkah in 570 A. D. . He

was orphaned at an early age and was adopted by his

uncle. He worked as a carovan leader on a trade route. He

was know to be honest and able. His employer khadij'a ,a

weakthy window if age 40, put him in charge of this

business and proposed marriage to him. He went to a cave

outside the city in 610 A.D. to pray and fast reveloution

(vision) there. He was told to recite. "Recite in the name of

your lord, the creator who created man from clots of

blood. Rwcite! Your lord os the most bountiful one who by

the pen has taught mankind things they didn't know.'' His

second vision to rise and worn people. In 613 A.D. he

preached to his family and friends that there was one god.

And all that belived in him are equal.The rich shared with

poor lots of the converts were poor. The rich merchants

and the religious leaders did not like,Mushamad and the

Muslims were persecuated. After some theats on his life in

632 A.D. he sent 60 families to Yathrib.And then follewes

them in secret(Known then as the Hjrah immirgration). 622

A.D. os know on the Musslim calandar as the frist year.

Muhamad became the rules of Yathris then it was called

Medinch al-Neb orMadinah ''the city of the priphet.''The

Madinch Compact of 624 A.D. was the foundation of

Islanie state. Muhamad was the Judge and commander in

chief. Quxan was their bible of Ialam. They extended

proection, to Jews and christiand who accepted Islams

political authoriyt. Makkems invaded Yathrib,and the

Muslims fought in self defense.The Makkans were

defeated. And the Muslims won support of the Arab

groups outside of Madinsh. They later invaded Makkah

and hod little resistance.They accepted Islamic Religion and

Muhammad. Islanic Religion and Muhammed. They

destroyed idols, and turned the shrine of prohet Abraham

into a place of worship. Makkah was the spiritual capital

and Mdinth into the political capital. In 631 A.D. the

Arabian Peninsula was supported by an army representing

each of the Arab tribes. Muhammad later died at Madinah

in 632 A.D. Beliefs The Quran was the divine messages

from God over a peroid of 22 years. It was written down

or memorized that was compiled into a written

collection(Quran). is the final matters of faith and lifestyles.

It was written in Arabic. It is stories, teachings, and

exhorations of what is written in the Bible. Values Basic

Moral values in the Quran are similar to Christanity and

Judasim.Murder, lying, stesling and adultury are

condemened.Honor parents, protect wideous and orphans,

show kindness to neighoors and give maney to the poor.

They weren't allowed to eat pork. drink alchol; gambaling.

They have rules for marriage, disorce, family life businss

prastices, and property inheritences. Law is not seperated

from religion. There is no rated in order of clergy. Sharii' ah

organization moral principles into a body of law. Based on

Quren and Hadith ( sayings of Muhammad) covered all

aspects of Muslism private and public lifes. Five pillars of

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