Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Activist Essay

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Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Activist

Israeli soldiers have killed a Palestinian activist in the West Bank, and there has been a
build-up of Israeli troops around Palestinian villages near Jerusalem.

Palestinians say a member of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's Fatah faction Imad Abu
Sneineh was gunned down by undercover Israeli soldiers near his home in Hebron.
Palestinian officials call the killing an assassination .

Israeli tanks and bulldozers have withdrawn from the Palestinian-ruled town of Jenin in
the West Bank, several hours after launching a raid to destroy a Palestinian police

The Israeli army says it destroyed the building in the center of Jenin early Tuesday in
response to a series of Palestinian terror attacks. The statement says the latest
Palestinian suicide bombing on Sunday was directed from Jenin.

Palestinian officials say at least 10 tanks and two bulldozers took part in the raid and
encountered fire from Palestinian gunmen. It was the first Israeli incursion into an
autonomous Palestinian town since the beginning of hostilities 10 months ago.

The violence follows a heavy Israeli military buildup Monday surrounding Jenin.
Israeli forces have briefly entered Palestinian-controlled areas several times in recent
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