Italys economic struggles Essay

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Italys economic struggles

Italyís Economic Struggles

In the time period between 1700 to 1900 Italyís economic situation was greatly effected by
itís disunity and itís distribution among the many countries of Europe. Previous to 1860,
Italy was not united, it was divided into separate city-states, or controlled by a foreign
power. One of these being Spain, who had undergone a disastrous decline in itís economy,
leading to a decrease in Italyís as well. In 1815, with the Congress of Vienna, Italy was
reorganized and the disunity and separation became more severe. It was because of this
disunity that Italy experienced a financial failure. With out territorial unity, Italy
could not construct economic stability. Distracted by the hope and dream of a unified
Italy, Italians focused on their political position rather than their economic situation .
Although the Industrial Revolution began in the late 1700ís Italy remained predominately
agricultural and unindustrialized up into the late 1800ís. This greatly affected Italy
because agriculture encountered a fall in prices among foreign markets. In 1878 with the
abolition of the Free Trade System and the introduction of tariffs, Italy was able to
expand itís industry largely (8% a year). But even with the close of the nineteenth
century, a century since the start of the Industrial Revolution, three out of four
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