Jacobson V. United States Essay

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Jacobson V. United States

Jacobson v. United States
Supreme Court of the United States
1992. 503 U.S. 540, 112 S.Ct. 1535.

FACTS= On September 24, 1987, Keith Jacobson was indicted on charges of violating a
provision of the Child Protection Act of 1984, which criminalizes the knowing receipt
through mail of a "visual depiction [that] involves the use of minors engaging in sexually
explicit conduct." On Feb 1984 Jacobson ordered two magazines in the mail of young boys.
The magazines entitled Bare Boys 1 and Bare Boys 2, contained material of nude young boys
from preteen to teens. Jacobson claimed that he want to order material of 18 year olds and
up. However Jacobson's receipt of the magazines was legal under both federal and Nebraska
laws. Laws were constructed three months after the order was filled that banned all sexual
depictions of children. Soon after the Gov. started setting up Jacobson by sending him
applications to phony organizations that were illegally based.

PROCEDURAL HISTORY= This was brought to the state court were Jacobson was found guilty and
then after exhausting the state level he appealed to supreme court of the United States.

ISSUE= The issue involving this case is during the time Jacobson purchased the magazines
they were legal. The government directed Jacobson into many different phony organizations
to trap him into guilt. The jury must decide whether Mr. Jacobson willingly participated
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