Essay on James Fenimore Cooper

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James Fenimore Cooper

James Fenimore Cooper was born in Burlington, New Jersey on September 15, 1789. He was the
eleventh of twelve children born to William and Elizabeth Cooper. When James was one year
old the family moved to the frontier, and his father established the settlement of
Cooperstown at the head of Susquehanna River.

Cooper attended a private preparatory school at Albany, New York, and was then admitted to
Yale in 1803. He was expelled from there during his junior year because of a silly prank.
His family allowed him to join the navy as a midshipman, but he soon found that more
discipline was present in the Navy than at Yale. In 1810 Cooper took a furlough, and never
returned to active duty.

After Cooper's father passed in 1809, he received a nice inheritance. Cooper quickly
squandered his inheritance, and at thirty was on the verge of bankruptcy. He decided to
try his hand at writing as a career. Carefully modeling his work after Sir Walter Scott's
successful Waverly Novels, he wrote his first novel in 1820 called Precaution. A domestic
comedy set in England, lost money, but Cooper had discovered his vocation.

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