Jane Eyre8 Essay

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Jane Eyre8

‘Jane Eyre’ is a book set further back in time and the language used in it is
more ‘old style’, eg. ‘And if I were in your place I should dislike
her.’ In modern language we would say that morel like: ‘If I was in your place
I wouldn’t like her.’ This language is used in the book ‘kes’
which is set in a more present day.

The puntuation is totally different in both of the books as well, for example in
‘Jane Eyre’ there are longer sentences, there are also more colons,
semi-colons, and comers used were we might use full stops. Eg. ‘My attention was now
called by Miss Smith desiring me to hold a skein of thread: while she was winding it, she
talked to me from time to time, asking me weather I had ever been to school before,
weather I could mark, stitch, knit, etc; till she dismissed me, I could not pursue my
observations on Miss Scratcherd’s movements.’ That was one of the sentences
from ‘Jane Eyre’.

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